Plastic Casting

Your plastic injection supplier in Europe, Hungary. We manufacture plastic parts out of single component thermoplastics, specializing in medium to large series production. From small technological parts to injection-molded plastic tools, we produce a wide range of plastic parts for our customers.

Thermoplastic polymers used in plastic injection molding are typically: PP, PE, PC, PS, PVC, POM, ABS, PMMA. Our many years of  experience in plastic casting guarantees high quality plastic parts you can rely on.

Injection Molding Technology

During plastic casting, the heated plastic is injected under pressure into the mold. This allows for the creation of complicated geometries with high precision and at great quality, without limiting the excellent speed of production.

Another advantage of plastic casting is the near zero-waste manufacturing, thanks to the recycling capabilities of the raw materials used.


Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing

The design, manufacture and repair of the plastic injection molds is being done in-house, by our experienced team of professionals.

Taking great care of the plastic casting molds is our top priority. We handle the molds with extreme care during production and make necessary  repairs as needed. Only this way can the expected high quality of the plastic parts be guaranteed.

Machine Park

We manufacture our plastic parts with 60 – 120 ton electric ENGEL plastic injection moulding machines.



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