Zamak Casting

Your zamak die casting supplier in Europe, Hungary. We manufacture quality zamak parts out of zamak 5 (Z410 – zinc alloy), specializing in medium to large series production. Due to the widespread use of zamak parts, we manufacture for our customers in the automotive industry, the furniture industry and the construction industry, to name just a few sectors.

Over 30 years of experience in zamak casting together with our ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees high quality plastic parts you can rely on.

Zamak Die Casting Process

Zamak casting is done by hot-chamber die casting, where the zinc alloy (zamak 5 – Z410) heated to 400 degrees enters the mold under high pressure. With this solution, even zinc parts with complex geometry can be produced with high precision and high quality, without limiting the outstanding productivity.

The advantage of zamak casting is the thin wall thickness that can be achieved, as well as the increased lifetime of the mold, thanks to the lower melting point of zamak.


Zamak Die Casting Mold Manufacturing

The design, manufacture and repair of the zamak die casting molds is being done in-house, by our experienced team of professionals.

Taking great care of the zamak casting molds is our top priority. We handle the molds with extreme care during production and make necessary repairs as needed. Only this way can the expected high quality of the plastic parts be guaranteed.

Machine Park

We manufacture our zamak parts with 20 – 50 ton hot-chamber die casting machines. Our machine park is constantly being upgraded, inorder to guarantee continued quality to our customers, while also optimizing our production.



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