Company history

Magma Gmk. was founded in 1987, and transformed into Magma Kft. in 1990. The company originally specialized in the mass production of zipper parts, while today the main focus is the mass production of technological components through zamak die casting and plastic injection molding.

Thanks to the dedication of the Kassai and Végvári families, the company reached an annual turnover of 1 million Euro by 2007. The company- and production management always stayed in family hands, which is also a guarantee of the tireless pursuit of quality.

Why Magma Kft?

Favorable conditions and deadlines:

  • Receiving a quote (free of any charge and obligation).
  • Order (valid with 30% advance payment).
  • Sample delivery (payment of 40% of the total amount).
  • You have a 14 day inspection period.
  • Quality acceptance of the product (remaining 30% payment).

Production time: 6-10 weeks depending on the product
Payment deadline: 8-30 days upon delivery, depending on the product
Delivery: At the date and time specified by you.

  • 30 years of experience in zamak die casting
  • Multi year experience in plastic injection molding
  • Experienced workforce (on average 10+ years at the company)
  • 100% of our customers have been our partners for several years
  • EMI-TÜV ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Precise work
  • Quick and competitive offers
  • Customized delivery and re-order options
  • In-house mold design, manufacturing & repair
  • In-house post processes
  • Family business



+36 30 251 0262



Budapest, Déli u. 13, 1211


Végvári Olga - Managing Director
+36 30 251 0262

Végvári Dániel - Technical Director
+36 30 280 8988